A Nice View


A window offers a look into the world outside, the trim perfectly outlines the view like a painting in a frame. Here are a few new ideas to help give your home the picture perfect look!


Don’t you just love when you three colors get together and it’s a party? This orange, grey and white collaboration is pleasant to the eye! We especially appreciate that the door and window trim match which gives the look a nice even appearance.


When it comes to the window interior trim it’s classic to go with white but it’s fun to consider other possibilities. This kitchen has a white/grey theme which works great for a more bold color on the window trim.


Wood trim is a beautiful, traditional look that will never go out of style. No matter what stain you decide to use the wood gives the space a homey feel.


Here is another example of using 2 different colors to accomplish a nice, classy look for your home exterior.


Again we have an example where the norm is thrown out the window and they brought in a bright yellow to draw your attention to the window and the view outside.


Base-ically Basic

When it comes to improving your home the baseboards are often left to be the same color. The different colors that you choose to use for trim and baseboards will give a different effect to the space. Whether you are going for a more traditional look or a bold statement here are some ideas to achieve exactly what you want!


You can’t get anymore basic then when it comes to white baseboards and trim. This is of course the most popular/typical color of choice. Even though it is most common white is a great color and most often times the best choice! When choosing white paint we recommend you do it when you have walls that are painted a neutral color, it helps to give the illusion that the walls themselves aren’t colorless or bland. If you have bold walls it helps to break up the stark color. And if you simply can’t decide white is a great choice that you can never go wrong with!


Black is a timeless paint color choice that you will never have to worry about going out of style. The black trim around a door or wall frames it like a picture. It is a classic bold statement that draws attention to itself but if used correctly can help center the eye on the furniture or walls.


Whether you are going for a modern or more rustic feel, by adding wood trim to your home it gives it a welcoming vibe. It is most common to match the wood to your floor but it also can look great by using even a shade darker or lighter for the trim.


Gray is a great color to use because it can be seen as a traditional or modern feel. Gray isn’t a bold or bright color so by using it it will do best by highlighting the more bold color or brighter color that you would like as the center of the attention.

What’s the smart choice?

Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgro

Scientists have studied the effect that colors have on inidividuals and their perception of the enviornment they are in. Each of us may have noticed that there are definitely specific colors that more often appeal to us or draw out a certain feeling. By picking the right color you can stimulate the certain emotion you want to have in a particular space.

In a home or business office many ideas are shared, used or thrown out. The mind is at work and could definitely use a brain boost. So what do you think is the smart choice for you?

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The color yellow is typically associated with the sun, happiness and a bright, cheery attitude. So of course this office space would offer just that, it inspires the mind to think outside the box. It is a good color choice for optimism! However too much yellow can be irritating to the eyes and the soul, causing frustration. By using yellow as a accent allows the same feelings to be stimulated but adds a mellow feel to the room. Just like the picture above, from what we can see they have just one wall painted a nice yellow while the other is a more neutral, earth-toned tan. However through the space we see pops of the color yellow, as well as using other cheery colors such as orange.


There are those mornings that you wake up for work and think to yourself, “Namaste in bed.” Well with an office space like this there is no need to worry about losing your zen throughout the day. Green is a perfect color to bring harmony and balance to an office. Office spaces that use a lot of computers and electronic devices it can be easy to get sluggish in your work. Using a nice bright green can open the mind to new creative possibilities.


Just a blue-tiful day in the office! We all have fond memories of laying outside in the grass on a warm, summer day staring up at the clear blue sky. There is something calming about reflecting on those carefee days. Using blue in brainstorming/conference type areas is helpful because it gives a trusting feel that influences communication.

Not Everything is as it Sheens


As if picking out the perfect color for your home isn’t tough enough, but deciding the type of sheen to go along with the room is a significant factor. The rule of sheens is simple in the fact that it goes from the most glossy/durable to the least glossy/durable. Each one has a different capability to abstain from damage, dirt and mess.



This is a money saving option because this type of paint is easy to spread and covers a larger area. However it is not durable, in fact when it is cleaned do not be surprised to see some paint come off as well. Instead of reflecting light, bringing a greater brightness to the room flat paint absorbs the light. It is still beautiful and great for any space especially in an adult’s bedroom that is free from little kid messes and high traffic.



Just like an eggshell this sheen is mostly a flat with little luster. Like the flat sheen, it does well to cover large areas and also covers imperfections.



This is a beautiful sheen that appeals to the eye, it has a nice texture and spread but unfortunately does not do well to cover bumps and imperfections. A great plus is that it is easy to clean which is perfect for high traffic areas such a kids rooms and living/foyer areas.



This type of sheen works well in areas where is there is a lot of moisture and a possibility of water damage. It’s high durability is great for areas like baseboards, trim, etc. which are often in danger of scuffs and damage.


High Gloss

This option is the most durable and shiny of all the sheens. It does the best job to reflect the light and also cleans the best which is great for those who have children with sticky fingers and wild ideas. Many do feel that high gloss can be too overwhelming for interior paint that is why most people use it for their trim and baseboards because it draws the attention to the white outline. However you have to be careful when using this sheen because it shows every tiny imperfection.

Epoxy Floor


Epoxy is a type of paint that acts as an adhesive to the surface it is applied to, which creates a hard plastic-like cover to protect the floor, giving it a durable exterior. Epoxy floor is used in high traffic areas such as hospitals, industrial work places like factories and warehouses, sports facilities and garages.


A great asset and benefit of epoxy flooring is it’s lasting finish. Especially in areas where epoxy flooring would be exposed to chemicals it does a great job to survive damage. As mentioned above when used in high traffic areas it shields the floor but also gives it a nice clean look that doesn’t draw attention to imperfections.


Epoxy flooring has a shiny professional look that by appearance alone makes this option very enticing.


The smooth surface makes cleaning up easy and less time consuming. Much of the dust and dirt that collects in garages is caused by the concrete floor.


The glossy surface improves the light in the space that you add it to giving it a brighter light, which is due to reflection of the light bouncing off the walls.


Coatings are available in all different colors and patterns that will fit to your specific style. And of course to the space that it is being used in.


To install this floor is a fast process that is attractive to high usage buildings, because then production won’t be stalled for too long lessening a fuss. The floor is kind to fork lifts and other forms of machinery reducing wear.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


 Whether it’s playing dress up as a fairy princess or building a fort out of legos for your action figure, as a kid it’s nice to have a space that’s your own! Here are 6 kids playrooms inspired by the color of the rainbow!

Kids Playroom Furniture Play With Your Creativity To Decorate with regard to Kids Room Play


Red is a loud color that draws a lot of attention to itself. Much like kids when they are playing! This bright color stimulates the mind to feel power, confidence and most importantly fun! In this room they used red paint as an accent wall with other neutral colors to balance out the WHAM! effect red has.



Orange is a great color to use for a kids playroom and not just because it’s pleasant to look at but for the meaning behind this color! It is a product of the colors  of the powerful red and cheery yellow! A lot of energy and happiness is caused by this color and even offers the mind the ability to think more creatively. Which is of course what we all want for our children is to encourage creativity and imagination!



When it’s playtime for the kids often times it’s best for them to spend some time outside soaking up the sun, enjoying nature and getting plenty of exercise! But when the clouds come out and the rain comes down the playroom will have to do! Although it may be stormy outside the brightness of the yellow walls still gives off warm and happy vibes!



Green is a great neutral friendly color that all the kids will enjoy! The lime green pictured above brightens the space and gives it a fun, exciting atmosphere! Something that parents might enjoy is the meaning of the color green which is harmony. It wouldn’t be so bad for kids to be reminded to get along with their siblings and friends!



Did you know that the world’s most popular “favorite color” is blue? And even if it isn’t someone’s favorite color it is still in their bucket for a good color! We like using the color blue for a playroom because it can work for a variety of imaginary places. The clear blue sky on a nice day or when they are exploring the ocean floor.



It is no doubt that a little girl’s favorite game to play is pretending to be princesses! They parade around the house in their frilly pink dresses and sparkly, plastic, and much too large for their feet, heels. Every child deserves to feel like a Queen! The color purple symbolizes royalty and nobility. May your playroom be fit for a royal who creates tale as old as time stories to play to!

What do you fence-y?


It’s been snowing quite a bit these last few days in Utah. Many of us are longing for summer, enjoying the warm weather and fun festive activities. Right now there isn’t much use of your backyard but as the snow melts away and the flowers start to grow outside will be the host of all summer fun.

These winter months can be harsh to the exterior of our homes causing water damage, chipped paint and weathered color. The nice weather that we are all looking forward to is a great time to recuperate by touching up our homes.

Fences are a very important asset to a home. They offer privacy, curb appeal and character. We want to know what do you fence-y?


Ah, the white picket fence. Every little girl’s dream is to own a house with a beautiful white picket fence. It is the epitome of the perfect dream home, paired with a porch swing, red shutters and a nice green grass lawn of course! This timeless look  will never go out of style. And of course you can use the color white for any type of fence which will give your home a look that is sleek, and eye-catching.


Join the dark side! That might not always be the answer but in this case we say why not?! In this picture there are two different paint colors paired together that compliment each other in the best way possible. With the greenery surrounding the dark wood it really makes this fence stand out among the rest.


A blue fence is not a typical fence color but we are not typical painters! We enjoy any type of project and especially the ones that turn out so as this one did. The blue is a nice color that goes well with the plants in the yard and as you can see in the very back of the picture the fence color matches the railing for the stairs. What a great idea to connect the fence with the home.


Wood is beautiful on it’s own, the different swirls and designs gives each plank of wood a unique look. By using a stain rather than a paint it draws out those individual lines that really gives your fence a nice look.


Grey is a great neutral color to use on a fence, it is a different enough color from the rest but doesn’t stand out. It offers a cool and serene look that matches well with the trees, grass and plants you put in your yard to give it a nice shady outdoorsy look!


In grade school you learned complimentary colors, purple and yellow, orange and blue, red and green. This bright green grass compliments well with the woody red fence. This is a typical look for backyards because it has such a nice look and feel!